Another day in Africa. Another Mall.

by Laurian Mannequin-KCM Last year in Ghana, I wrote about a new shopping mall being built in Cape Coast, Ghana, a city about three hours west of Accra. This year I am at work in Kumasi, the capital of the Ashanti Region and located in the middle belt of the country. As ...

Envision receives Leeway Art and Change Grant

By Beth & Laurian We are excited to announce that the Leeway Foundation selected us to receive an Art and Change Grant which will enable us to continue our archival work with queer communities in Philadelphia.  We agree with Elizabeth Edwards that the excavation of alternative histories is a political act.  Read more here. PS I used Laurian's profile pic to make her mad :)

Accra Under Construction

laurian blog 1
By Laurian B. As rural to urban migration continues to outpace housing in Accra, Ghana, I was unsurprised by the number of construction projects that took place during the summer of 2011. However, many of these building projects were not in the areas where they are needed most. Whenever I conduct research with migrants in Accra, there are recurrent conversations about the lack of affordable and sanitary housing. Rental fees can strip all earnings within a year for most tenants. Accra resident...

Launch and Remembrance

By Beth U. Today I found out that a friend I met while conducting fieldwork in Punta Gorda, Belize passed away.  She contacted me several weeks ago and I had yet to return her email, busy with a new semester of teaching.  Panic and remorse follow me these hours after her death.  Pieces of the days we spent together filter through my thoughts and the rawness of fieldwork returns.  We walk the humid, mud-sluiced streets of PG at night.  We grasp arms as our small boat to a remote island caye hi...