Dr. King in Philadelphia, 1965

By Beth I'm doing some archival research for a project in North Philly and came across these images. Below, Dr. King is attending a rally at Girard College in 1965, where activists were embroiled in a long battle to change the school's segregationist admission polices (which finally happened in 1968).  Cecil B. Moore, president of the local chapter of the NAACP, is seated to King's left. More

The More Things Change…on reproductive Justice

By Beth U We came across this article while archive-surfing.  Twenty-eight years after it was published, SB3 and HB77 have been introduced in Pennsylvania.  If passed, these bills propose the most extreme restrictions on abortion in the country including banning them after twenty weeks with no exceptions for rape, incest, health or fetal anomalies.  These bills are two of many threatening access to sexual and reproductive health care on both state and federal levels. Last ...