From Guatemala To the Sea

To the Sea
By Beth U Red bulbs pulse a path down the carpeted aisle.  A glittering crucifix dangles from the rear-view mirror.  Decal silhouettes of busty women recline on either side of Jesus; their breasts lead the way through Guatemala to the sea.  This overnight bus is a game show, or a bordello.  We are off, gaining speed: our only view refracted asterisks of red light that streak across the night-black glass. Suddenly, the driver vaults to his feet, jams his upper body out the ...

Reflecting on Twenty Years of Sensuous Scholarship

By Beth & Laurian We are presenting a paper and co-chairing a panel at the upcoming American Anthropology Meetings to celebrate the twenty-year publication of Paul Stoller's Sensuous Scholarship.  Read below to see what we are up to! ________________ Panel Abstract Since its publication twenty years ago, Paul Stoller’s Sensuous Scholarship has informed not just what we write but how we write as ethnographers. In it, Sto...

Celebrating Life & Mourning in the Field

By Beth  Returning to the field.  A cocktail of excitement, dread, nostalgia.  We were here less than 3 hours before I heard that a dear friend and informant, the person I wanted to see more than anyone, passed away 6 months ago. Here is the first thing I ever wrote about him: The first time I met Colfax he rolled us a joint.  Sarah had bought the marijuana from Renny, the man who runs the hotel above the bar.  When buses from Belize City pull into town and leave newcom...