The More Things Change…on reproductive Justice

By Beth U We came across this article while archive-surfing.  Twenty-eight years after it was published, SB3 and HB77 have been introduced in Pennsylvania.  If passed, these bills propose the most extreme restrictions on abortion in the country including banning them after twenty weeks with no exceptions for rape, incest, health or fetal anomalies.  These bills are two of many threatening access to sexual and reproductive health care on both state and federal levels. Last ...

a man was…

By Beth U Shot Feb 3rd outside of Asian Arts Initiative, Philadelphia. Artwork by Dread Scott as part of the exhibit Loving Blackness. From the catalogue:
In 2015, Walter Scott fled for his life, stalked by a policeman who then cold bloodedly ...

The root of all…

By Beth U Shot February 2nd on the sidewalk in front of Norris Square Neighborhood Project, Philly.

come out of your ivory towers

By Beth U Shot May 3, 2016 at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, New York City. The photo was taken by Diana Davies in 1970.  Activist Marsha P. Johnson is on the left, handing out flyers for support of gay students at N.Y.U.  A civil rights activist and leader in the Stonewall Riots, Johnson, with fellow activist Sylvia Riveria, formed the Street Transgender Action Revolutionaries (STAR), an organization that helped homeless LGBT youth.  Johnson and Rivera a...

Growing Together

2016-04-16 15.32.43 copy
By Beth U Shot on April 16, 2016 leaving the Growing Together community garden in Point Breeze, Philadelphia.  Growing Together is a project of Nationality Services Center.  Here, newly arrived refugees from Nepal, Burma, Bhutan and Congo garden alongside long-term Philly residents.

The Fight Continues: Our Movements Will Not be Silenced

we will not be silenced
By Lucy Gleysteen On Monday May 4th and 5th, Decarcerate PA and its allies occupied the capitol steps in Harrisburg for 24 straight hours to share the words of individuals currently incarcerated in Pennsylvania’s prisons.  This protest was originally a response to the Revictimization Relief Act (The Silencing Act), a law designed to silence prisoners by allowing the DAs, victims, and Attorney General the power to sue people convicted of personal injuries...

El Carnaval de Puebla en Filadelfia

Carnival 26
By Beth U. A trumpet blares as a sequined figure bends at the waist and stomps.  He swoops low enough that his fake grey beard dusts the street.  Behind him, a sea of fur-trimmed hats bob to the live brass band.  Pink masked faces stare back at the crowd with blank eyes. Richly embroidered costumes of orange, blue, pink, yellow and gold pass by as silver-skinned Aztec warriors prance in a cloud of feathers.  It's Carnaval de Puebla en Filadelfia.  Spectators pour from row...

Laurian is in Ghana: Reflection on Tipping

By Laurian B. For tourists to Ghana’s capital, the Osu area is probably the most well known area of Accra. In Osu, foreigners easily find comfort foods from home and enjoy Internet access at expat owned coffee shops. A week ago, my friend Adua raved about a decadent chocolate dessert at Pinnacle Restaurant and invited some folks to join us there. The brightly tiled multistoried building sits off Osu’s main drag, Cantonments Road. The street is more colloquially known as Oxford Street, in d...