Dr. King in Philadelphia, 1965

By Beth I'm doing some archival research for a project in North Philly and came across these images. Below, Dr. King is attending a rally at Girard College in 1965, where activists were embroiled in a long battle to change the school's segregationist admission polices (which finally happened in 1968).  Cecil B. Moore, president of the local chapter of the NAACP, is seated to King's left. More

Community Mapping at Razor’s Speakeasy

By Beth U Razor's is a speakeasy in the Strawberry Mansion neighborhood of North Philadelphia, on a block once vibrant with bakeries, butchers, and florists. Decades of redlining, structural racism, and orchestrated economic decline have taken down most of the other buildings on the block.  Open spaces are good for gardens and barbecues, until gentrification claims them one by one.  Meanwhile, residents pile into Razor's for talk, news, jobs, gossip and love. I am here wit...

The More Things Change…on reproductive Justice

By Beth U We came across this article while archive-surfing.  Twenty-eight years after it was published, SB3 and HB77 have been introduced in Pennsylvania.  If passed, these bills propose the most extreme restrictions on abortion in the country including banning them after twenty weeks with no exceptions for rape, incest, health or fetal anomalies.  These bills are two of many threatening access to sexual and reproductive health care on both state and federal levels. Last ...

Racism’s Rage and Bitter Despair, James Baldwin’s Heart

By Beth U. I am reposting this piece from 2014 as I read about who might be in the US presidential cabinet come January 2017. ______ In these days following the grand jury’s choice not to indict Darren Wilson for killing Mike Brown, between protesting and watching live streams of people on the streets of Ferguson, I read James Baldwin. I read and reread James Baldwin. I put down one book only to pick up another. I need the particular combination of solace and fury that ...

Community Engagement in Precarious Times: Ethnography meets socially engaged art

By Beth U I biked up to the vacant lot and stopped to open the gate, the iced coffee in my hand now lukewarm and dripping.  Angel, the 10-year old neighbor, spied me from his second-story window and was soon tearing across the gravel to meet me. Together we unlocked the large metal storage container that stood at the back of the lot. Despite the early hour, it was humid.  Pockets of damp air heated up as the sun rose over Angel’s roof.  We pulled out tables and chairs and pla...

What we need is a Pain-Capable Woman Protection Act

By Beth U. Reading Ellen Willis and watching VESSEL in light of a proposed 20-week abortion ban When Congress reconvened a few weeks ago, two Republican Representatives introduced a bill called the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (HR 36) that aims to ban abortion after 20 weeks. Today, on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, House Republicans planned to vote on this legislation but changed course at the last minute.  Members of their own party More

From Ferguson to Philly

By Laurian & Beth 8:27pm beth (text to laurian): the mainstream coverage awaiting ferguson decision is making me fucking insane 8:28pm laurian (text to beth): it's a ball of bullshit 8:33pm b: coverage from St. Louis = white fear/can't we all get along/justification to use force against dissent 8:34pm l: white supremacy at its best 8:41pm b: indeed. the "deescalation training" from the police is "keeping protestors peaceful."  protestors meaning anyone who is ou...