By Beth U

Shot May 3, 2016 at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, New York City.

The photo was taken by Diana Davies in 1970.  Activist Marsha P. Johnson is on the left, handing out flyers for support of gay students at N.Y.U.  A civil rights activist and leader in the Stonewall Riots, Johnson, with fellow activist Sylvia Riveria, formed the Street Transgender Action Revolutionaries (STAR), an organization that helped homeless LGBT youth.  Johnson and Rivera also fought for a trans-inclusive New York State Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Act.

Diana Davies was a leading photojournalism known for capturing key moments in the LGBT and women’s liberation movements.

The photo was exhibited as part of The 1970s: The Blossoming of a Queer Enlightenment and is in the collection of the Leslie-Lohman Museum.