El Carnaval de Puebla en Filadelfia

Carnival 26
By Beth U. A trumpet blares as a sequined figure bends at the waist and stomps.  He swoops low enough that his fake grey beard dusts the street.  Behind him, a sea of fur-trimmed hats bob to the live brass band.  Pink masked faces stare back at the crowd with blank eyes. Richly embroidered costumes of orange, blue, pink, yellow and gold pass by as silver-skinned Aztec warriors prance in a cloud of feathers.  It's Carnaval de Puebla en Filadelfia.  Spectators pour from row...

Murals, Museums and the Mexican State

By Beth U My review of Mary Coffey's excellent book on revolutionary art in Mexico has been published in Visual Studies. Mary Coffey’s book is an evaluation of how, despite its assumed commitment to popular struggle, Mexican muralism became ‘official’ and in doing so helped to legitimize an authoritarian state. In three bulky chapters, Coffey examines murals in state funded and managed public museums: the Palace of Fine Arts, the National History Museum, and the National Anthr...